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Ffoord Jeedt
DGBS from
  • Favourite page: 8 : US willies (the mushroom farm)

  • the best thing about seeing this be created, was the effort that went into making the story make 'sense'.

    I am glad this has found the light of day where it belongs....
Barbara from
  • Favourite page: 14 : Sweet dreams, tojer!

  • That was the best thing i've ever read. Whoever you are, god bless you, you fucking genius. I couldn't help but wake the neighbourhood up laughing... You've possibly inspired a generation here sir/madam!!!
Geneeal Disarray from
Brianna Firestave from
Robert Ludgate from
  • Favourite page: 20 : All we can do is kiss penis..

  • me and my dad read this comic once and it brought back many spine tingling memories of when we used to kiss each other's penis'. I really want to kiss someone else's's been so long.

Numpty Bumpty from
  • Favourite page: 17 : Shaving his own foreskin

  • Every year or two I give this book a fresh read. Absolute genius... if you're 11.

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