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The Owner from
  • Favourite page: 19 : Butt-rending bumrape - heh heh, sorted!

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    If you enjoyed BumRape Island, bring on the praise; if you think something needs to change, suggest away. I'm always open to suggestion.
Log from
  • Favourite page: 1 : Cover and blurb

  • Amazing. One hour of absolute joy. May this site gets all the attention it deserves, and may the creators be lauded as heroes. Fantastic. I want to go on, but I'd just keep saying fantastic again and again.
rory from
  • Favourite page: 45 : My helmet is made of leopard skin..

  • This is utterly, utterly fantastic.Makes me want to dust down my er, "modified" copies of my old school magazine, and scan 'em in for a wider audience. Not that they'd even begin to compare to the brilliance of your work, of course. "Wab" jokes ahoy!
*&^%$ from
  • Favourite page: 1 : Cover and blurb

  • M8!!!!! This is exactly the sort of thing my brother and I did as kids - not the bumraping but defacing comics. Massive respect for the nostalgia trip.
jim from
  • Favourite page: 10 : Willy cunt come poo fuck.. & knob-shaped pepper pots

  • Like all the above.

    How good it is to know that we all did this. Still now I find myself creating new worlds with my biro and tipex in the multi media age we live in. Perhaps you should set yourself up to do corporate brochures, theatre programmes etc...


    absolutely wonderful.
Donald Cox the Sweaty Fox
  • Favourite page: 28 : A cold-feeling wanker

  • Corrr - seeing all those sweaty soldiers made me get a sweat onnn... I had to give myself Gentleman's Leisure and then have 20 Benny Hedgeez.

    Perhaps you can do something next with more ladies in... but keep away from my Twinkle, understand?

Surgeon_General from
  • Favourite page: 15 : Tugging at your post

  • *wipes nostalgic tear from eye*

    Ah, how wonderful, although I never defaced my 'Commander' comics when I was a nipper, I did do it on a regular basis to my old Tricolor and Good News Bible. Now that would be good to see, perhaps you could upload old modified text-books...
  • Favourite page: 6 : Wanking into a twat

  • I laughed so hard my cunt turned inside out.

    I shall now go away and tell everyone I know about this site.

    You are funny boys.
bob from
breislau from
  • Favourite page: 12 : If you're still camp tonight.. & cult of entangled penises

  • well well well... nice little nostalgia trip... work of unrivalled genius... glad i got sent the link by my mate.. will send out to everyone on my list.. the world needs to know of the horrors of bum-rape island... these are the things that "official" war histories never cover... well done, you should be proud of yourselves... all that pent up adolescent sexual frustration coming (hehe) to the fore through the medium of magazine alteration... this stuff should be in a frikin gallery... not that its that good, it just might get a few more people to visit the crappy old stuffy places... just even the title bum rape island makes me laugh, which shows one of two things... either the pure genius of the simplicity of the work, or my own moronity. maybe both. anyway, visit the link below if u not already seen it.. not my site, but a pretty funny site which, if u enjoyed this, u should like...

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