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1Cover and blurb
3We made it, Bruce!
4Welcome lovers
5I'd have given anything to beat dong..
6Wanking into a twat
7Fat Penis
8US willies (the mushroom farm)
9Because of that kunt..
10Willy cunt come poo fuck.. & knob-shaped pepper pots
11My bit of a boner
12If you're still camp tonight.. & cult of entangled penises
13Giving himself a tit-wank
14Sweet dreams, tojer!
15Tugging at your post
16Too hot to handle!
17Shaving his own foreskin
18Forced to beat meat
19Butt-rending bumrape - heh heh, sorted!
20All we can do is kiss penis..
21You will go after him alone.
22Broken leaves on these bushes..
23Thick bastard - with cumpants!
24The jap was queer & 20-tonne willy
25He had just creased Moto's foreskin
26Hermaphrodite & amazing cock
27A jerk-off for information
28A cold-feeling wanker
29A singing bone for Moto's people & mammaries jerked semen
30I have been expecting sex for days
31Malloy touched bell-ends & we'll find a boy who's camp there..
32These baps are fucking great! & The news came as a cock & Take precautions
33Saki tarted for the door..
34Twat slappened? & a penis had hatched & Mongonlian gang-bang
35Once I get a wank..
36A long, arduous buttfuck
37Prepare to sell your arses dearly!
38Nope, I kiss their dong!
39They've taken six of us up the bum
40Kum and his squid & a simple private doing hash
41Bapanese & Kum hurled a butt-plug
42The pisswank exploded
43Hasho nuzzled a teriffic twhat..
44Kum nobs tit
45My helmet is made of leopard skin..
46Until his cock sweated blood..
47We will bush them as they piss!
48Frew began to gobble hysterically
49A vicious blow
50Take your lovers up the bum!
51Keeping their heads down their pants
52Small panties with the tops turned down
53A makeshit bag of jizz
54Watching for any signs of lechery
55That guy's boned Coco!
56Too deep in penis to think straight
57Jap rifle butt
58Uh-oh.. he's gay..
59It's no good cumming, Frew
60You'll never beleave this hand-shandy!
61A whimper of desire
62I've got to get a wank from him, but he's still straight..
63Something about an orgy at the other side of the island
64They both shagged each other
65THE bENDer
66Cum and poo books on sale now!