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Tarquin Stoatfucker
Bather from
  • Favourite page: 20 : All we can do is kiss penis..

  • That was the best thing i've ever read. Whoever you are, god bless you, you fucking genius. I couldn't help but wake the neighbourhood up laughing... You've possibly inspired a generation here sir/madam!!!
PHYCO from
  • Favourite page: 62 : I've got to get a wank from him, but he's still straight..

  • How absurdly fun inspiring to have stumbled across your webbed fete de malarky whilst checking ones own web wrankings. You may recall that we, and here I wish to remain anomini, have hitherto enjoyed SL4 High Street shenanigans in the capacity of web-venders and brand merchants (My summer went in to this website and all I got what this lousy t-shirt [sic])... where as as I am most delighted to see that we, in fact, share in similarly rearding web inventions. Credit to ye me old boy, and may the rough end of the Pineapple not offend ye rear.

    M^TT (ETCo) AKA "Phyco"
PHYCO from http://blah
  • Favourite page: 7 : Fat Penis

  • "Rewarding"...and only one "as"
  • Favourite page: 13 : Giving himself a tit-wank

  • i couldnt read this all in one go. I was laughing so hard I nearly vomited, and I had to take a breather round about half-way. quality!
Twisted Firestarter
  • Favourite page: 1 : Cover and blurb

  • I was so angry with what Mark said about this wonderful site that I tracked him down and bum raped the fucker.
Archbishop Basher Bob Bundrick K.F.C from
  • Favourite page: 62 : I've got to get a wank from him, but he's still straight..

  • Well done chaps, in all my years as the Queens personal butt plug technician I have not laughed the way I did at your little story. I've had a word with the royal bitch and there's a knighthood in it for the pair of you. Pardon me, I must go rub myself good and hard now.

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